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Our Services

Internal Medicine

Extended and Relaxed Medical Visits. Same or Next Day appointments.

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Antiaging Medicine

Stress & Fatigue Evaluation

Biologic Age Evaluation

Advanced Nutrition Evaluation & Toxicity Screen

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Concierge Weight Management

One-on-one evaluation, coaching and treatment. Highly individualized care with a 60 minute initial in-office visit to get to the root cause of weight gain.

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Our goal is to have you feel comfortable in your own skin. Dr Krstic have a strong passion for aesthetics, so let us help you with every cosmetic need!

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Direct Primary Care (DPC)

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a model of healthcare that allows us to create a personal relationship with our patients.

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Nova MD Wellness Clinic medicine can provide health services to your employees whether or not you offer a traditional insurance plan.

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Now accepting new patients!

Personalized health care without fear of hidden costs
No co-pays. No wait time. Direct access to your doctor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No but in order to give you the most personalized care, Dr Krstic wants to really get to know you and your health history and becoming a member is something that we prefer and recommend. She requires an initial 3-month commitment with payment via automatic monthly billing. After 3 months if you do not feel it is a good fit for you, then you are able to cancel your membership.

There is a non-member option for now if you prefer that at this time.

Yes! As well as Telehealth video visits, Texting, Email and Phone calls are included in the DPC membership. Cash Pay options for each visit type are also available.

At this time, yes. But the practice will close once we reach a panel of 500 patients in order to provide excellent care to our existing patients, so space is limited.

Bottom line: you get more time, more access, & more personalized health delivery.

We carry about 1/4 of the patient load of an insurance-based Primary care Physician. Space for membership is limited.

We get to spend more time together! Our visits are 30-60 minutes. You have more access points with no extra charges - plus portal, phone, text, & TeleHealth options for communication. The hope i sthat this reduces the need to see an Urgen Care or ER doctor who doesn't know you or your health history.

If your insurance coverage isn't comperhensive or deductible is high, paying cash is ofter cheaper. We've negotiated wholesale pricing for these options & passed that savings on to you!

Price transparency is a priority for us.

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